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Transform your dating life, and your relationship with self.

This self-guided and self-paced course is curated with love & ferocity to help you understand the totality of the Masculine & Feminine within yourself, and within partnership; to bring you into deeper awareness of the magic of Divine Polarity.

What you'll get:

Full life-time access to the Master Polarity curriculum.
Full of videos, texts, and homework on the following topics:

Self Reverence
- Why you need to come first
- How to attract the perfect lover
- Attracting the perfect lover
- Conscious dating
- Your self practice
- Homework

The Masculine
- The wounded masculine world
- A healthy masculine is..
- The wounded masculine in men & women
- Embodying your masculine
- How the masculine best holds the feminine
- Homework

The Feminine
- The unhealthy feminine (in men & women)
- How to honour the feminine
- A healthy feminine state is..
- Igniting the feminine state (practices)
- Homework

- Life force energy & tantra
- What is tantra actually?
- How to have tantric sex

- Healing while in relationship
- Healing while single
- Why every person has to prioritise healing themselves
- Opening the heart even when it's scary
- Trauma bonds & how to differentiate if you're triggered & healing, or re-traumatising

Polarity in relationship
- How to flow within polarity in relationship
- Inviting your partner into polarity
- Initiating your partner into higher states of being & more expansive states of love
- Communicating in relationship