What is Master Polarity?

This self-guided and self-paced course is curated with love & ferocity to help you understand the totality of the Masculine & Feminine within yourself, and within partnership; to bring you into deeper awareness of the magic of Divine Polarity.

The knowledge I will share with you inside of this container has helped me absolutely transform my dating life, and my relationship with myself. 
Which is why I had to put it all together in a yummy place for you to access.. because everyone deserves to learn, lick, and swallow up this information to improve their lives!

Who is this course for?

Master Polarity is for both men and women, as well as those who are single or in relationship. Basically.. this course is designed for any individual who is looking to learn more about the Masculine and Feminine principals to better enhance their life, and/or their relationship

"I can't imagine existing now without this knowledge. It's helped me understand why I am the way I am, which parts of me need nourishing and which need work/repair, and it's helped me understand my last relationship through a new and profound lens."



Polarity is sexy, especially when you embody it within yourself. Learn how to attract what you want by going within.


Learn how our masculine dominant world influences our state of being, from our mental health to our physical.

Get to know and understand your healthy masculine, and how to differentiate this from your wounded masculine.

Plus, learn how to embody your masculine & how to hold your feminine/another persons feminine.


Learn more about embodying your radiant, magnetic, healthy feminine vs. your wounded feminine.

Understand how to honour her and ignite her.


If you are ignoring your own healing work, or your partner/potential partner is, you will find it harder to truly open your hearts and go deeper.

This is why I cover healing while single, and healing while dating in Master Polarity, because it is imperative that this is a priority.


Of course we had to dive into how polarity looks and flows within relationship. But first, to learn how you and your partner work best, the other work is needed! From there, you can begin to implement ways to increase healthy polarity and initiation.

The sexy polarity awaits you..


YES I'm feeling it, I'm in!