The Authentically Online Masterclass

This 1 hour masterclass is for anyone currently looking to build their community & audience online for their business or personal brand in a genuine organic way.

You will learn..

How to show up authentically online, be vulnerable with your audience, and still protect your energy. How to truly share your soul and heart led truth, attract a soul led tribe and community, and build a following for IMPACT not just ‘influence’. How to create magic, magnetic content, market yourself naturally, and deeply connect with your mission and purpose. As well as how to deal with ‘haters’ or criticism and self-doubt when showing up. PLUS real marketing tips and tricks for Instagram and socials.




  • 1 hour recorded Masterclass
  • Learn how to show up authentically online to get your heart led passion & truth out to the world
  • Attract a soul led tribe & community and a following of impact
  • Create magic magnetic content
  • Learn how your view of yourself and your energy dictates everything
  • Learn real Instagram tips & tricks to help build your platform